Timber Restoration Essex

Timber Restoration Essex

Timber floors are also known as hardwood floors as they are manufactured with almost three layerings of wood. The construction of a timber floor comprises the top, core and bottom layering which makes it an extremely durable flooring option. However, in order to keep the timber floors well-maintained, it is extremely crucial to avail the best Timber restoration Essex services. There is no one who can restore your timber floor better than the pros.

Timber floors have a long lifespan and as they have to experience regular wear and tear, only proper maintenance can keep them well-maintained. Many people assume that once scratches begin to appear on the floor, it is time to replace it. However, replacing timber flooring is not only a long and tiring process but it requires a handful of investment too. It is certainly possible to restore your timber floor to its absolute originality, without having to replace it entirely. And no one does it better than the best timber restoration Essex experts at Komplex Timberworks LTD.


Time Floor Restoration; how is it done?

Are you confused about whether you should replace your entire timber flooring or get it restored? Are you out of budget as a new floor will require a handsome amount of investment? Well, this is where restoration of the timber floor remains the best option for sure. It is a quicker process and saves you time and money both.

Timber floor restoration  has 3 basic steps or phases which are carried out to ensure that the floor is restored to its original facade, in the best way possible. It goes through:

  • Sanding

  • Sealing

  • Re-polishing


Restoration is not only an important step for maintenance but it also provides a new breath of life to your flooring. It helps you protect your timber floor for a great couple of years. Our professional team at Komplex Timberworks LTD utilises the best and latest technologically advanced floor sanding machines to generate high-quality final outcomes. The outcome quality of the restoration is impeccable and our team ensures you that your floor will be restored to new, within no time.

We also sand the edges to perfection and use a special disc sanding machine for the finishing of the floor restoration procedure. We guarantee you that you won't be able to find an efficient team as us, for timber restoration is Essex.

Benefits of Restoring Timber Floors

Now, why do you need to restore your timber floors? What is the need of it? Why is it crucial to hire the best timber restoration Essex services for this purpose? How will it benefit you? Well, let’s have a deeper look at it to evaluate the perks of timber restoration and how hiring us will be the best decision that you ever make.

To begin with, a professional restoration process will leave your floor looking like new again. It will appear to be as shiny and attractive as a new timber floor does. Secondly, it saves you a huge amount of money. Let’s agree to the fact that getting a new timber floor installed is a considerable investment. Thus, it is best to pay really less and keep it well-maintained for a longer time span. It is cost effective and a smarter decision for the long run.

Our professionals at Komplex Timberworks LTD also consider restoration of timber floors important as it boosts safety. Due to regular wear and tear, the floors begin splintering which can cause damage or an injury to children and adults. Therefore, it is best to get it repaired on time.

Timber Restoration Essex

Is it best to get your floor restored?

We recommend you to get your timber floor restored as it is a long lasting flooring option and if it is kept well-maintained, it goes a long way. We at Komplex Timberworks LTD, ensure you a smooth and hassle free process of timber floor restoration. Our team is composed of professionals who work with highly advanced machines, promising to deliver an incredible outcome. Leave your floor to us, as we breathe new life in it and make it shine like you just got a new flooring installed. What else would one ask for?


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