Quality Timber Frame Services in Essex

Komplex Timberworks Ltd is a company with 25 years of experience in the Carpentry and building of Timber Frame House. Here you can get the most experienced and qualified workers to get the effective Timber frame Essex, for houses and other carpentry work. Our services include Following

  • Timber Frame Construction

  • Commercial Refurbishment

  • Barn Conversions

  • Timber Roofs

  • Carpentry

  • Decking and more

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We perform all the woodwork tasks by keeping satisfactory standards in mind. We understand that it is not something in which you can invest again and again. This is the reason we provide quality services for the first time. You only have to consult us, and our workers will be ready to serve you according to the demands you have. Never ignore that quality and experienced timberwork providers can the onetime best work, rather than maintain it again and again. You have to spend money once. Our certification and skills include.

  • NVQ's level 3 Advanced Carpentry & joinery (Gold Card)

  • SMSTS certificate

  • 3 days First Aid

Some of the Qualities that can clearly show our professionalism and experience in this field are as follow



It is also something essential because only the professionals know to handle the prices and quality side by side. If you will hire a professional, you will never have to worry about the extra prices and costly packages. It is never an easy thing to make a mark in the market and to build a reputation, but we are considered as the supreme. This is because we provide quality work at affordable and reasonable rates. If the rates are not right the services are never of the best matter of interrupts, this is the reason people want to find something affordable and reputable. Komplex Timberwork is a company capable of entertaining your best interests. But, one thing that is essential to keep in mind is that you have to check both quality and prices, if you will only check the prices and choose the cheap rates, you can never get the best quality. There should be a balance between both.


It is also a vital factor that if you are dealing with remote timber-related work dealers. They may be stiff about the specific timing and availability of the timber at the specific time. We are the best and vast dealers of timberwork, this is the reason we can provide you with quality timberwork in every season. We are always available with our expert team to help you get the best of the best. Our experts respond as soon as possible so that there are no delays in the work. Our modern techniques and the latest equipment help us provide the best services in no time. This way, there will be no complaints regarding the delay in the work.

Timber Varieties

We are expert in dealing with timber of every type. Our team can provide you with services for every type of timber. We are not the one who deals with only one or two types of timbers. Our experience has supported us due to which we are the experts and supreme in this field. There is not one specific timber work, you can opt for any of your choices. Komplex Timberwork is a known company in Essex and related areas for the type of quality work we provide. No one of our domain can beat us in his regard. Our prices complement our experience this is why we are the number one choice of people.

Trust and Reliability

It is necessary to build a relationship of trust with the customers and it is our speciality also. This is the reason customers find us reliable and ask for our services related to the timber work and others. You can always contact us for quality work to get better results. We are always ready to help and serve according to our best.