Loft Conversion Essex

Loft Conversion Essex

The first query that escape’s a customer’s mouth is, can my loft be converted and is it going to be worth it? As experts, we at Komplex Timberworks LTD, understand your confusion. It is a common dilemma that almost everyone faces. It seems weird as to how your home starts seeming a little small for you although it was just the perfect bet when you bought it or built it. It is natural to think about moving out to a new place but we all know the costs that come along and well, it is a lifetime investment which is usually just carried out once. And it is not an easy solution for the majority.

This is where loft conversion Essex experts come to your rescue and bring the advice of using that unused loft space of yours, to its best. There are various factors that are taken into consideration for loft conversion, like the structure of the roof and its height etc. If you have been thinking about an extension, we bet that there is nothing better than a conversion and holds more perks than the first option.

But before you take the plunge of loft conversion, there is a lot that you must know or at least try to gather as much knowledge as you can regarding it. We at Komplex Timberworks LTD, make sure to educate our customers about loft conversion in Essex and how it is carried out. Our primary step is to help our customers in understanding the process and the major planning that needs to take place for it, along with the permits that are required too.

There is a lot of confusion for people when it comes to loft conversion and they have tons of queries in their minds. Many customers come to us with endless assumptions and

Does Loft Conversion add to your property’s value?

The biggest confusion that customers have regarding loft conversion is whether it adds value to their property or not. Thus, we make sure that we clear the tables for our consumers and let them know how much value can be added through loft conversion in Essex.

Through various researches and our personal experience, a loft conversion can add 22% value to your property, or even more, depending on the conversion factors. A double bedroom, with bathroom, is stated to add 22% value.

Now, the biggest confusion here is that people think that added value means they will have to invest a lot more than usual for loft conversion. NO.


You don't have to exceed your budget and we wouldn’t let you do that either. Being the best loft conversion Essex service, we promise to deliver you outstanding services, within a good budget. We research thoroughly and analyse your property whereabouts deeply, before quoting the amount that would be required for your loft conversion. We know what we are doing and you wouldn’t have to stress about it.

Is my loft perfect for conversion?

This is the major BIG question; can your loft be converted or not? And our team of experts at Kompler Timberworks LTD, makes sure that this query is settled foremost. There are different factors that determine whether your loft is good enough for conversion or not. You can also assess and research different properties on your own, who have undergone loft conversion.

The key elements that have to be considered for loft conversion are:

  • Roof structure

  • Roof height

  • Roof pitch

  • Overall space

Existing systems like water tanks etc. need consideration as well.

Loft Conversion Essex

Do I need a loft conversion planning permit?

In the majority of the loft conversions that we have carried out, a permit wasn’t required and we can say that for majority properties, it is not needed. This is because the conversion comes under permitted development. However, this is only possible if your conversion is matching a specific criteria. If the set conditions and limits exceed, your loft conversion will require an official planning permit. But you don't need to worry about that as we manage the whereabouts of the planning permit for our customers too.

Are there different types of loft conversions?

Yes, there are! Just like one shoe doesn’t fit all; one single loft conversion type cannot be implemented to all properties. Dormer conversion, light conversion, mansard conversion, hip to gable conversion and modular loft are some of the options that are used in loft conversion Essex. We choose the best one for you that suits your property and space accurately.