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Want to start woodwork at your home and are confused about where you can get the service and get the results you want. Hiring professional companies for any construction work is always the best option. If you want to renovate your home with carpentry or any other kind of woodwork then the Komplex Timberworks LTD are here for your service. We have the best solutions for all the work you require no matter how challenging or time taking it is.

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We perform all the woodwork tasks by keeping satisfactory standards in mind. We understand that it is not something in which you can invest again and again. This is the reason we provide quality services for the first time. You only have to consult us, and our workers will be ready to serve you according to the demands you have. Never ignore that quality and experienced timberworks providers can the onetime best work, rather than maintain it again and again. You have to spend money once. Our certification and skills include.

  • NVQ's level 3 Advanced Carpentry & joinery (Gold Card)

  • SMSTS certificate

  • 3 days First Aid

Some of the Qualities that can clearly show our professionalism and experience in this field are as follow

What are the services provided by us?


  • Timber frame construction

  • Commercial refurbishments

  • Barn or loft conversion

  • Timber roofs

  • Carpentry

  • Decking and service list

We have the best experienced in our work:


Komplex Timberworks Ltd offers the bests services in carpentry or woodwork due to their years of experience. We have a lot of experienced workers that are very challenging to complete their work on time and providing the best-desired results to our customer. We offer every kind of work from building a timbers frame house to loft conversion because we have the most trained carpenters.

We guarantee the work we do:

We work to provide the best results without any mistakes and make sure to meet the customer’s standard but in case if the result that is desired by the client is not achieved or if they are not satisfied by something then we can fix that work free of cost.

We provide high-quality materials:

When it comes to quality we do not compromise in providing our customers with the best and high-quality materials such as high-quality wood that won’t go bad for years and make sure you don’t need any carpentry work for years that is going to save you a lot of money.

Timber frame construction:

The timber frame construction by the Komplex Timberworks Ltd uses the timber frame panels that are manufactured in such a way that it won’t go bad for a long time and make sure that it can withstand any weather condition. You can have timber frame construction in your houses for a trendy and modern look. Not only for homes but it can also be sued for the offices or school buildings. We provide all the materials needed for timber frame construction for your roofs and use the best possible techniques that can meet your requirement and satisfy you.

Commercial Refurbishments:

The commercial refurbishment will make your old building look new if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on renovation. Reburshing your commercial property can renew the building by fixing many problems such as cracked walls, or leaking of the roof, or construction of floors, creating more space in your building and redecorating. we offer the service of commercial refurbishment and will update your old commercial building into totally new with our work experience and talented workers.

Barn Conversion:

Want to convert your farm building into a commercial building or for residence than our barn conversion service is for you. We provide modern interiors for your barn conversion and make sure to work tirelessly without any mistakes and will continue to work until we meet your requirement and satisfy you because when it comes to customer satisfaction we are the obvious choice of our clients.

Timber Roofs:

Having a wooden roof for your house can somewhat aesthetic and pleasing appearance. So when it comes to wooden roofs, timber roofs are the best option due to their number of advantages such as

  • Timber is made of very strong fibre strands that make timber roof strength and is highly durable.

  • Wooden material such as timber is quite light and is easy to carry and handle.

  • The timber roof is very cost-effective and affordable for most households.

  • The process of timber roof installation is eco-friendly because it does not require heavy machinery.

There are also some other types of roof forms we offer:

  • Pitch roofs

  • Trusses

  • Flat roofs

There are also other things we do under timber roof services such as the installation of new roofs or simply repairing and installation of cladding, barge boards, fascias and soffits.