Decking and outbuildings Essex

Decking and outbuildings Essex

Decking and outbuilding your backyard space is the best way to make it functional and interesting. It has the ability to add that perfect “cozy” spark to your outdoor space. Thus, no matter what the size, space and type of outdoor space you have; there is nothing better than planning how you want to utilize it. And in this process, we are here to help you in Decking and outbuildings Essex as one of the best providers. We have a bunch of latest ideas and trends for our customers that leave their outdoor space looking eye-catching, warm and cozy.

There are various types of deckings to consider when you are planning or deciding on which type you want to go with. natural, woodlike, eco-friendly options or paving; there is a lot to consider and the options are great. However, the more the options, the more the confusion, isn't it? Our customers feel helpless as to which one would be the best for them or what type or design they must opt for. This is where our team of expertise at Komplex Timberworks LTD serves our customers and stands out as the best decking and outbuilding Essex services. We not only help you understand your outdoor space and how decking would make it more interesting but we also make the right decision for you, based on the size of the space and other outdoor factors.

The process is not only confined till building a deck ; there is a lot more to it. We pay attention to its configuration and we also help you furnish it properly. Our deck designers help customers in understanding how they can make their deck look eye-catching and give the right vibe to them. We have a bunch of ideas for everyone and we never let our customers get bored. Do you want something different? We have all sorts of different options for you that will make your deck stand out.

Chic Decking Trends and Styles that you can opt for

Since 2020, we all have been spending more and more time indoors due to the pandemic. Thus, people are now utilizing their space in a more functional manner that can add meaning to the time they spend indoors. Everyone is tired of being locked inside but if the insides are beautiful; why wouldn’t it be worth it?

Thus, our team has some of the latest and most chic designs and trends lined up for decking and outbuildings in Essex. And we have shared here some for all of you. Let’s dig in.

  • Shaded Deck with Landscape material:


A shaded deck is perfect for the summer days or even the spring mornings where the sun starts beaming a little too much than regular. We master in creating affordable shaded decks with landscape material which makes it look very unique. A little addition of plants and a little sitting arrangement can help one get the perfectly chic deck for their outdoor space. It can be created within the backyard or at the corner.

  • Pergola Framed Deck:


This is one of our expert’s favorites at Komplex Timberworks LTD. The pergola frame doesn't have to provide shade necessarily but it really comes down to what you require. You can create a shade with it or just create the illusion of the frame. It draws a lot of attention and makes your backyard look very warm and welcoming. You can either add monochrome furniture or be playful with cold colour cushions and chairs etc.

  • Decking Lining Style:


You can also line your deck with plants, trees and even lights. It helps you boost your garden area and create an interesting, luxurious effect too. Make sure that if you are adding trees, add them of the same height. Although our professionals at Komplex Timberworks help you understand the tiny bits of every style, if you want to build one on your own; this can be a great idea.

Decking and outbuildings Essex

There is so much more that can be done with decking and outbuildings in Essex. We make sure that your space is utilized properly and is made interesting and eye-catching in all ways possible.


We have more than hundred deck designs and trends lined up for customers, along with additional furnishing advice too. For instance, you can use some amazing lighting to create an atmosphere and make your deck look contemporary and modern.

We are full of ideas, ready to unleash! Get in touch with the best decking and outbuildings Essex service, Komplex Timberworks and plan your deck to add that extra vibrance to your outdoor space.