Cart Lodges Essex

Cart Lodges Essex

There is a handful of confusion when it comes to cart lodges. There are different types to it and with every type, comes a different requirement too. Whether you are planning to build a cart lodge within your home space or you are willing to build a separate one, we are here to help you out.


Cart lodges Essex is famous for unmatched and exceptional services. From planning to designing and from the interior to the location decision; our team of professionals at Komplex Timberworks LTD are available to help all.

But there is a lot of chaos when it comes to cart lodges and their planning. And there are several queries that confuse the customers too. However, we make sure that we educate our customers regarding all the details. Thus, if you have some questions in mind, then we are here to answer them for you.

Do cart lodges need permission for planning?

Permit regulations are very crucial. It is important to check in with the construction regulations, before you begin planning. Being the best cart lodges in Essex, we make sure that all the permits are handled through us. However, it is good if you are well-educated about the planning permit.

The cart lodges planning permit depends on various factors. You need to consider the size, design, height and location of the cart lodge. There are many areas or spaces that don't require any permission for planning. However, if your area does require any permits, then we will handle your paperwork and documentation too. We do not charge a lot for it and promise to keep you stress free throughout the process.

Cart Lodges Essex

How much time is needed for cart lodges?

The time span ranges for everyone. The frame preparation ranges from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the material being used. We use different materials, depending on the type and size of the frame. The frame takes the most time to get prepared, depending on the structure type.

We are here at your service

A cart lodge can be designed in several different ways with different formations. The bay sizes, frame structures and formations do vary but if everything is managed well, things do fall well in place. With our team of professionals, we promise to make the whole process easier for you. We prepare the cart lodge frames and structures in our workshops, according to your guidelines. Our customer’s choices and requirements are our first priority. However, we make sure that if something is not right, we convey it to the customer directly. The groundwork and remaining preparation is done on the site and is completed there too.

Our team of craftsmen stands out, and makes us the best cart lodges in Essex professionals. We provide bespoke cart lodges to our customers. This might make people assume that they are more expensive but that is not the case. We make sure that we fit your cart lodge in the right budget. You won't be left empty pocketed after getting our services.

Expert Advice

We also provide expert advice. You can take a consultation session with our team of experts before planning and building a cart lodge. In the consultation session, our team analyses your needs and recommends you the formation, structure and materials accordingly.


They make sure that the cart lodge is crafted with care and unique specifications. You can either opt for a cart lodge that serves as a garage combined with a storage space or you can use it as your leisure space too. The choice is yours. But whatever you intend to use the cart lodge for, is what determines its whereabouts. And we make sure that the lodge is aesthetically eye-catching along with being functional too.


We promise to build the best cart lodges in Essex. Get in contact with us today and we can get started with planning and designing a perfectly beautiful and functional space for you.